I am a person of many skills and passions.
I was born in Jesi (Italy), I grew up in Rome and province, I moved to Milan about 8 years ago.
About my private life: I’m married to a wonderfully sweet husband, I have a kitten and I live in Milan.
I love the neighborhood where I live, colorful, well connected by subway and full of history. My neighborhood is in fact enriched by beautiful historic houses and behind the house runs the green Martesana canal, where passionate cyclists and walkers can travel, if they wish, up to Trezzo without meeting a car!
I love traveling in Europe and visiting historic cities and architecture.
I am passionate about craft beer and breweries (I know and I have visited many!).
I love history, especially the medieval one, that of the nineteenth century and ancient Rome.
I read a lot, often out loud for friends, or for my husband.